Make business easy with your Professional Business App

Connect quicker and easier with all of your potential clients and network

Quick & Easy Setup

Fill out a simple form about you and your business and withing 48 hours starting enjoying your very own app.

Easy One-touch Use

Enjoy the speed and ease of your custom business app with our one-touch features to simplify your networking.

Grow Your Network

Grow your network and client list with ease by sharing your business information and services with ease.

Increase Your Revenue

Keep your customers and client engaged and spending money with you with your built in CRM features at your fingertips.

Easy to use

Your business apps easy to use features allow you to connect and inform your customers and clients with:

  • Sharing your app via SMS, Email, QR Code & NFC
  • Viewable commercial feature
  • Newsletter signup feature
  • Social Media Integration
  • ...and so much more!

App Features

We've got a lot of amazaing and cool features.

One Touch Contact

Easy one-touch feature allows your client or customer to contact you via phone or email directly from your app.

CRM Integration

Your app uploads your customers or clients directly to your CRM portal allowing you to keep in contact.

Offer Specials

Upload specials to your app allowing your users to directly take advantage of company deals and specials.

Display Commercial

Upload your commercial directly to your app allowing your visitors to view the latest media about your business.

More Features

We've got a lot of features, here are some more

Near Field Communication

Quickly share your app with smart phone users utilizing near field communication, allowing your user quick and easy access.

Contact Import

Easy one-touch contact download allows you user to import all of your contact information into their smart for for easy use.

Social Media Integrated

Upload all of your favorite social media platforms allowing your visitor to connect with you in many different ways.

Website Link

Link your mobile ready website to your app making it simple for client or customer to get more information about your business.

Customizable Aesthetics

Customize your app to match the colors of your logo to personalize the look and feel that your customers expect.

Dashboard Manager (coming soon)

Backoffice allows you to change the content of your app at will giving you the ability to keep fresh content for your users.

Pricing plan

Get start your business with our awesome pricing plan.

Business eCard

  $99.99 Set up fee   $ 9.99 /mo

All Features Available

Fully Responsive

Clean and modern

48 Hour Setup

24/7 Support

Business eCard Pro

$199.99 Set up fee $ 9.99 /mo


All Features Available

Fully Responsive

Clean and modern

48 Hour Setup

24/7 Support